My role as a graphic designer is to present the amazing work my clients are doing in a clear and engaging format. I love the process of collaborating on a design that will perfectly suit their needs. I believe that quality designs have the power to move people to action, and I hope to lend my expertise to your next project.

My career path has not been straightforward, but has always been centered on serving social justice. After I graduated from Grinnell College in 2010, I worked in low income, 100% minority schools in New Orleans and SE Washington, DC for four years. In 2014, I decided to go to the University of Iowa to pursue a BFA degree. I hoped to use this time to see how I could serve social justice through design and have the freedom to create art. At Iowa, I worked as a graphic designer at Student Life Marketing + Design, where I was able to put what I was learning to work with campus organizations committed to social justice.

I enjoy going on bike rides with my toddler in the bike seat and playing Ultimate Frisbee. Whenever I can (usually when the baby is asleep), I go into my basement workshop to make something.